Signs of Spring are everywhere

The greenhouses are filling up with plants, the spinach and over wintered greens are growing like crazy, and the early flowers are beginning to show themselves in the gardens. I love these long days to really be able to see the growth before our eyes.

Its time to join our csa. We’ve still got slots available but hope to be filled up within a couple of weeks. Check out these photos I took this weekend at the NYC flower market. So inspiring to know that pretty soon we will be surrounded by abundant flowers too.thumb_IMG_3617_1024


gearing up



IMG_3553Well it seems that we are stuck with the Winter that never happened. Ive almost given up on getting one big snow storm, but not quite. There is something I have come to love about the snow delineating the difference between our “on” and our “off” season, and without Mother Nature’s help with that the Winter just hasn’t seemed as relaxing for this farmer.

Now things are gearing up. The days are getting noticeably longer and that light is making a difference on our greenhouse greens. Farm supplies are being delivered, our crop rotation plan is almost done, and we are setting start dates for crew. While I will still try to enjoy the relatively slow pace of work that late February and early March entail, my brain is already abuzz with all the potential of a new growing year!IMG_0506

Here is our fantastic crew this season:

Springtime is crazy busy at the farm. We’ve got so much to do and, of course, a short time to get it all done. This Spring’s rainfall has made things quite interesting to say the least. In between rain storms we are planting, seeding, and starting to attack the early season weeds. We are hoping for some major growth out there to help us stay on track for CSA and farmers markets. Our farm stand is open and filled with plants. The flowers are just really kicking in and the flower gardens have begun to have some great colors. We’ve got a great crew this season. Come on over to the farm stand and say hello, or find us at the Waitsfield or Bristol farmers markets!