Local, Organic Flowers

We raise over 100 varieties of organic, specialty cut flowers and create exquisite floral arrangements for weddings and events, from casual to formal. Our services, from full-service arrangements and delivery, to “pick-your-own,” to “weddings-in-a-bucket” are a great fit for all your events. Buying direct from the grower ensures the highest quality flowers at the best price.

Why is it important to use organic practices for growing flowers?

If you aren't eating them why does it matter if toxic chemicals are used in growing them?

Agricultural chemicals not only endanger the people who eat food sprayed with them:

  • ~ They directly harm the farm workers who handle them
  • ~ Chemicals can disperse into the air, affecting neighbors, animals, other crops
  • ~ Chemical toxins also get into our soil and our water supply

The majority of flowers sold in larger supermarkets and flower shops are imported:

  • ~ They are grown in countries where pesticide regulations are not as strict as they are in the US
  • ~ Stems are often sprayed with toxic chemicals to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible
  • ~ Most are being shipped thousands of miles before they get to the store
  • ~ Farmworkers and florists spend hours handling them and are exposed to these chemicals for extended periods of time
  • ~ Shipping flowers long distances ignores the diversity of beautiful flowers that are available and in season in Vermont

Make a difference - use organic flowers at your event.

Growing flowers sustainably, as we do at New Leaf, focuses on protecting our natural resources and enhancing the wellbeing of our customers and our ecosystem. Every season we are working to build our soil fertility and grow healthier crops which are naturally more pest resistant. This also helps bees - the great, yet endangered pollinators we can not live without.

The more people begin to ask for organic and local flowers, the more the floral industry will be forced to change. In the meantime, you can take pride in knowing that the flowers at your wedding will not only enhance your special day but help to share and sustain the unique beauty of Vermont.

Our local, organic flowers are cost effective - even over non-organic options!

  • ~ Buy direct from the grower instead of paying a middle-person
  • ~ No paying to ship your flowers thousands of miles
  • ~ AND…they are so much fresher and more fragrant!