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Eat fresh and infuse beauty into your home with our 2022 offerings. 
Choose from three options:

Farm Stand Cards

Use your card for purchases at the farm stand and add more as needed throughout the season.

Flower Bouquet Subscription

Pick up a freshly made bouquet once per week and bring the beauty of summer into your home.

PYO Flower Shares

Come stroll through our fields and choose your favorites every week.

Farm Stand Card Shares


What’s a Farm Stand Card?  It’s like a gift card, but tastier.  


Farm Stand Cards give you pre-purchased credit to use at our Farm Stand.  


It’s an affordable and flexible way to enjoy the freshest, local organic produce and flowers and support our vibrant local food system.  


They come in increments of $225, with an additional 10% spending bonus.  For example, when you pay $225, you’ll get a spending credit of $250.  


You can use your card any time you shop to buy anything we sell at our farm stand — from produce and baked goods to bedding plants and groceries.  Pick your own flowers are included for Farm Stand Card holders.

How Does This Compare to Your Traditional CSA Model?


Farm Stand Card shares are similar to a CSA in that you receive fresh organic produce and flowers each week and a discount on your purchase while committing to and supporting our local farm.  


They’re even better than a traditional CSA, though.  


The Farm Stand Card allows you greater flexibility to shop anytime the Farm Stand is open, and to purchase anything we sell in the stand.  It gives you the vegetables, flowers, and local goods you want, when you want them, at the best price.  Win-win-win!

How The Farm Stand Card Works:

  • Come to our farm stand anytime it is open and spend your credit down on your choice of anything that is for sale.  You will have a farm card to swipe at the stand that will keep track of your balance as you shop.

  • Enjoy 10% extra to spend for your early season support

  • If you use all your credit, you can add more as needed throughout the season

​Farm Stand Card - $225​

  • Get 10 % extra to spend as a Thank You.

  • May-October, you choose what you take.

  • Pick your own flowers included.

Flower PYO Share - $200 for the Summer​
  • If you don’t need veggies but do love picking gorgeous organic flowers, the pick-your-own flower share is for you.  This share gives you the ability to pick a bouquet straight from our gardens every week from mid-June through the end of September.


Flower Bouquet Subscriptions - $320
  • Pick up a freshly made bouquet once per week and bring the beauty of summer into your home.  Created by the farmers based on what’s looking best in the gardens each week, you’ll get 16 weeks of seasonal organic bouquets.

We accept credit card, check or PayPal through the website (select your share using the below buttons).
If you prefer to pay by Venmo, @jill-kopel

Credit Card
Credit Card

Choose the Right Option For You

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Text or email Jill with any questions: (802) 349-7369.

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